Clallam County Do-It-Yourself Septic Inspection Program
Step 1
In order to determine whether your Septic System is eligible for homeowner
inspection, we must find a record of it in Clallam County's Septic Permit database.
DIY Website Instructions
Enter the first 12 digits of your Geo ID (also known as the parcel number):

You can find your Geo ID on your Property Tax Statement.
If you are unable to use a Tax Statement to determine the correct GeoID/parcel number please visit Clallam County's Map resources webpage or the Assessors Property search webpage to locate this information about the property in question.

If, after checking tax statements, maps and property records, you are still uncertain about your parcel number, or there are multiple septic systems on your property, please contact Environmental Health DIY Program Staff. Submit your name and the physical site address of the septic system you wish to inspect and the parcel number will be researched for you.
Please visit the FAQ or onsite septic program page for more information,
or contact Environmental Health DIY Staff for assistance.