Superior Court Scheduling & Calendars

Our weekly motion calendars are on Fridays. We do require a telephone confirmation for motion calendar cases. Bench copies are encouraged for all motions heard by the Court prior to the hearing (with time standard met by statute) and should be sent and marked Bench Copy with date, time of hearing and Judge indicated on copy.


Below are Thursday Status Calendar and Friday Law and Motion Calendars.
Many of these files are in Word .DOC or DOCX format and require Microsoft Word to view them.
Type Date Filenames Notes
Child Support (morning) 08-05-2022 2022-08-05_2022-08-05 Child Support.doc Child Support Calendar
Civil Calendar (afternoon) 08-12-2022 2022-08-05_101433_CIVILPM8.5.22.doc Civil PM Judge Barnhart
Civil Calendar (afternoon) 08-05-2022 2022-08-05_091200_CIVILPM8.5.22.doc Civil PM Judge Erickson
Civil Calendar (morning) 08-12-2022 2022-08-12_CIVILAM8.5.22.doc Civil AM Judge Basden
Civil Calendar (morning) 08-05-2022 2022-08-05_091144_CIVILAM8.5.22.doc Civil AM Judge Barnhart
Criminal Calendar (afternoon) 08-12-2022 2022-08-12_130PMCRIMINAL8.12.22.doc PM Criminal - Judge Basden
Criminal Calendar (morning) 08-12-2022 2022-08-12_11AMSPECIALREPORT8.12.22.doc Spcial Report-Judge Barnhart
Criminal Calendar (morning) 08-12-2022 2022-08-12_9AMCRIMINAL8.12.22.doc AM Criminal Judge Barnhart
Domestic Violence (morning) 08-12-2022 2022-08-05_101508_AMDV8.5.22.doc NON-FAM DV Judge Basden
Domestic Violence (morning) 08-05-2022 2022-08-05_080522 AM DV Calendar.doc AM Non-Fam. DV- Judge Barnhart
Family Calendar (afternoon) 08-12-2022 2022-08-12_DV PM.doc DV PM/Comm Feinson
Family Calendar (morning) 08-12-2022 2022-08-12_FAMILY AM.doc Family AM/Comm Feinson
Thursday Status 08-11-2022 2022-08-11_161206_CRIMINALSTATUS8.11.22.doc Criminal Status Judge Basden