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Public Records Request

Bill Benedict, Sheriff

About the Public Records Request Process

The Public Records Act was enacted by initiative in 1972 requiring that the public be provided liberal access to Department records RCW 42.56.030.

Per RCW 42.56.010  a "public record" includes any writing containing information relating to the conduct of government or the performance of any governmental or proprietary function prepared, owned, used, or retained by any state or local agency regardless of physical form or characteristics.

Any person may make a public records request for agency records.

Applicable Law

For more information regarding the Public Records Act, please review the Revised Code of Washington (RCW):


Exemptions are generally intended to prevent invasion of privacy and the use of public records for personal, commercial, or political gain. Further, exemptions are intended to restrict disclosure of some details within specific areas of the law, such as criminal non-conviction data and the protection of health care information. Some of the information that may be exempt includes:

  • Information regarding agency personnel and volunteers, such as home phone numbers, home addresses, and employment applications
  • Social security numbers
  • Examination test scores
  • Victim/Witness identification
  • Non conviction data
  • Health diagnosis
  • Certain investigative records

Per RCW 42.17.300 (1)(d) “Specific intelligence information and specific investigative records compiled by investigative, law enforcement, and penology agencies” and (3) “information revealing the identity of persons who are witnesses to or victims of crimes or who file complaints with investigative, law enforcement, or other penology agencies if disclosure would endanger any person’s life, physical safety, or property.” Other statutes exempt other information as well and will be cited when declining release of information.

This agency may not disseminate Washington State and Federal criminal history record
information to the public, per RCW 10.97.040. You may inquire at the courts or the WSP
Criminal History ID Section (form available on request).

NOTE: This is not a complete list of exemptions. Each request is addressed on an individual basis.



  • Page(s) 1 – 6:  No Charge  
  • Requests exceeding six (6) pages:  Fifteen cents (15¢) per page. (including first six pages)


  • Photo prints from digital CD: Rate charged by CCSO developer.
  • Black-and-white copies on printer paper:  Fifteen cents (15¢) per page.
  • Color copies on printer paper:  $2.00 for the first page/$1.00 each additional page.

Photographs taken with a 35 MM film:

  • Cost will be at the rate charged by CCSO developer.

Complete Record Fee Schedule:

Record_Fee_Schedule_110-A (PDF)


No fee is charged for the inspection of public records (appointment required).

How do I make a Public Records Request? 

Any person may make a public records request for agency records.

The more specific your request, the quicker staff can locate the record in question. 

If you are not aware of the title of a specific record, information such as subject matter, dates, location, persons/issues involved, etc...will help staff to locate any records responsive to a specific request. 

You may make a Public Records Request

How Long Will My Request Take?

Requests for public disclosure are responded to within 5 working days, either by:

  • Notifying you how much time we need to process your request,
  • Asking for clarification on your request
  • Providing you with information in response to your request
  • Providing you the reasons for denying part, or all of your request if exemptions apply.

NOTE: If your request involves material identifying a third party or parties, we may need time to notify them you have made the request and give them the opportunity to seek legal advice regarding release of information of concern to them. RCW 42.56.540.

Viewing Records

You may schedule an appointment to view non-exempt records.

We will need to review the material you request to determine if there is content which is exempt from public disclosure; if so, we need to copy and redact exempt information.

Please call the Agency Point of Contact to make this appointment.

Note: No fee shall be charged for the inspection of public records.