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Interactive Maps - HELP

Clallam County is transitioning to a new web mapping platform that uses current technology, and has an interface that is more like the current conventions for commercial web maps (Google, Bing, etc) Some of the functions will feel more familiar to users of other such web maps, but are very different from the web maps Clallam County has provided for the last 15 years. Most of the functions you have come to expect have been made available in some form in the new maps, and new functionality has been enabled.

Click HERE for an explanation of how the old map tools translate to the new map tools.

Click HERE for an image of the WebApp Screen, with screen elements listed in a table.

Click HERE for an image of the WebApp Screen with hover text explanations for screen elements.

Click HERE for a list of web app widgets, with details about their use.

Special instructions and information about the Multi-Purpose Web Map