Superior Court Case Management System
File No.: 22-7-00184-05    Courtroom: 3
Judge: Mack, Brandon
Case Title: Welfare of K. WEAVER
Start Time: 09:00   Type: Juvenile Dependency
Date: 07-25-2022   STD Date: 00-00-0000
Plaintiff Attorney: Davis, Timothy
Defense Attorney: ,
1-Time Attorney: To Be Determined
Status: Open
Action: NJTrial/day 1
Shelter Care Hrg
Length: 30 min.   Jury Size: 0
Set: Y   In-Custody: N
Date Action
07/25/2022 NJTrial/day 1 Shelter Care Hrg
09/26/2022 NJTrial/day 1 2D FF/Day 1

Clallam County, WA