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Tab Renewal Requirements

Vehicle registrations must be renewed annually to remain current and allow the owner to drive the vehicle on the public roadways in Washington state (including Pacific Ocean beaches).

There is no grace period on vehicle registrations or gross weight licenses, however, if the final day of a registration year falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, there is an extension through the end of the next business day.

If the vehicle has been expired for a full year OR ownership changes, the new registration will be for a full year from the time of purchase.

Who May Renew

Vehicle owners need to renew the registrations for their own vehicles. In order to protect the owner of record, the license agent needs to verify the identity of the renewal customer before processing the applications.

Authorized Representative:

Registered owners may authorize a representative to purchase registration as follows:

  1. By Power of Attorney
  2. With written permission, such as a note or check containing the following:
    • The name and signature of the registered owner, and
    • Information such as the plate number, VIN, registration number, or HIN.

We may accept a renewal notice, e-renewal, or Internet receipt and cash to renew a vehicle registration, as long as your customer has the same last name or address as the registered owner.

Possession of a renewal notice and a check from the register owner will require no further written authorization to renew the registration. ID will be required at the time of all renewals.

Renew Online

Renew your tabs online and pay with a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express credit or checking/savings account.

Reference Link

Washington State Department of Licensing