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Noxious Weeds and Other Common Plants found
in Clallam County

Under RCW 17.10 and WAC 16-750, the Clallam County Weed List is updated annually and consists of all state listed Class A, Class B designate, and county select noxious weeds. State law requires eradication or control, containment, and preventing spread of these weeds. Tansy ragwort, teasel, knotweed, hairy willow herb and yellow archangel are among those selected for control. To date, at least 67 state listed noxious weeds have been identified in Clallam County; these plants are shown in bold in each category. For a complete list of all noxious weeds in Washington State, please see the state weed list.

Clallam County Noxious Weed List (PDF)

Clallam County Noxious Weed List - Supplemental (PDF) 

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