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Water Conservation Project - WRIA 18 Elwha-Dungeness Clallam County DCD Grant funded by WA Department of Ecology


Look for this Water Conservation Logo!

Saving water, saves money and conserves a precious resource.  If you see this logo on a product, it indicates a water efficient product, material, plant, or activity!

Clallam County Water Conservation Long Term Success Plan - Social Marketing Strategy

North Olympic Library System now has a collection of water conservation related books and DVDs for all ages.  Look for the August Water Conservation Display at the Port Angeles Library. See list of available Water Conservation Related Books & DVDs.

Water Conservation Programs & Resources: water_drop_w_reflection

Websites - Descriptions & Link

Home Water Conservation

Indoor Water Audit

Indoor Water Conservation Tips

Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

Water Conservation & Using Greywater Fact Sheet

Water Conservation & Salmon Recovery

Water Consevation Strategies

Keep Your H20 & $$ From Going Down the Drain

Save Water Tips

Water Conservation Tips for the Northwest

Itīs Just Water - Images


Clallam Co. Lawn Workshop Resources:LawnGraphic

Low Water-use Lawn Powerpoint

Natural Lawn Care Pamphlet

Web-Resources for Lawns

Lawn Watering Conservation Tips Pamphlet

Water Conservation & Weed Control Pamphlet


Clallam Co. Garden Workshop Resources:watering_pic

Water Efficient Gardening Powerpoint

Native Plant Websites/Resources

Soil Preparation Planning for Water Conservation Pamphlet

Clallam Co. Drip Irrigation Proficiency Resources:Drip_Graphic

Drip Irrigation Powerpoint

Web-Resources for Drip Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Landscaping for Water Conservation Pamphlet


Water Meter Resources:Meter_Graphic

How Water Meters Work

Meter Reading for Leak Repair

Understanding Water Meters

Water Metering Efficiency


Clallam County Water Conservation Bus Ads:

Leaking Toilet = Thieving Toilet

It Makes Sense to Save Water

Running Toilets Cost You

Brown Is the New Green - Lawns


Water Conservation Through Social Marketing:

Clallam Co. Water Conservation - Intro to Social Marketing

Clallam Co. Water Conservation - Intro to Logic Model

Clallam Co. Water Conservation Logic Model


Water Conservation Partners:

Washington Department of Ecology

Clallam Conservation District

Clallam County PUD

Clallam County Built Green

City of Port Angeles

City of Sequim

Jamestown SīKlallam Tribe

Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe

WSU Extension-Clallam County Extension

North Olympic Peninsula RC&D

North Olympic Land Trust

Dungeness River Audubon Center

Dry Creek Water Association

Sunland Water District


Humorous Water Conservation Message Videos:

Stop Running Toilets (42 seconds)

Flowers Drank Too Much Water (15 seconds)

No Water - No Problem (108 seconds)


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