Components needed for a sampling project proposal involving Streamkeepers:


·         proponent, and what organization or group they’re connected with, if any

·         purpose, including who will use the data and how

·         sampling plan details, including

·         parameters to be measured

·         monitoring protocols to be used

·         sites, frequency, and duration of sampling

·         copies of data sheets that will be used

·         training that will be provided

·         QA/QC procedures

·         who will provide technical assistance and data management, and how

·         whether data will be shared with Streamkeepers and/or other entities, and if so, in what form

·         coordination with other entities, such as local or state government agencies, tribes, watershed planning councils, or salmon-recovery planning groups

·         what site access permissions will be necessary (from agencies and landowners), and how they will be obtained

·         who will pay for any expenses that will be incurred

·         participation that will be required by Streamkeepers staff and volunteers:

·         how much volunteer effort will be needed

·         whether volunteers have already been recruited

·         needs from Streamkeepers staff, and whether funding is available to pay for any/all of the following:

§         equipment

§         volunteer recruitment

§         organizational time

§         technical support

§         data management

§         data reporting