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Mark Nichols was elected to serve as Clallam County Prosecuting Attorney in November of 2014.  As the Prosecuting Attorney, Mark also serves as Clallam County’s ex officio Coroner.  Prior to being elected, Mark served as Clallam County Hearing Examiner, spent over a decade working in prosecution, and also served as a federally commissioned law enforcement officer. 

Mark is an accomplished public speaker, having developed and presented programs on ethics and the law before the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (“WAPA”).  In addition, he is a certified instructor with the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (“CJTC”) where he teaches classes to sheriff’s deputies from across the state. Mark also frequently presents at Sheriff Office sponsored Neighborhood Watch programs across the County.  Mark has been recognized by WAPA and CJTC for his contributions to the prosecutor and law enforcement professions.  

Mark was born and raised in Seattle, Washington.  He obtained his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington and his law degree from Seattle University School of Law (formerly University of Puget Sound).

Mark belongs to numerous professional associations including the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, the Washington Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners, and Fight Crime Invest in Kids.  In addition, he was nominated by the State’s elected prosecutors to serve on the Forensic Investigations Council.

Outside of work, Mark belongs to the Nor’Wester Rotary Club.  He served as club president for the 2014/2015 year and will do so again for the 2015/2016 year.  He also serves as a coordinator for the Clallam County Teen Court Program. 

In his spare time, Mark enjoys hiking in the Olympics, fishing in the west end rivers, spending time with family, and cooking with friends.