Online Mitigations Public Infraction Response 
You must have responded to the requirements on the back of the green copy of your ticket
and you must have ALREADY RECEIVED A COURT DATE from the Court BEFORE using this form.

Public Infraction Response for Mitigation Form

The court will advise you of the result of the hearing by return e-mail and/or regular mail. Please select your preference:                                    Items with an asterisk (*) are REQUIRED.

Mitigation Information:
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                          You should expect a response within 2 weeks from your court date.

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The local rules of Clallam County District Court allow you to submit a written statement instead of appearing at a hearing. If you wish to submit an electronic written statement in lieu of appearing at a hearing, please use this form. It must be received by the Clerk within 30 days of the citation being issued. You also must provide the Clerk with an e-mail address. No appeal may be taken from the result. For further information, see IRLJ 2.4 and IRLJ3.5.

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