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Animal Dangers

The Environmental Health Division often gets questions about animal pests and diseases spread by them.  The Washington State Department of Health and the U.S. Centers of Disease Control (CDC) are good sources of information about these diseases. 

mosquitoWest Nile Virus

West Nile virus has been found in animals in western Washington.  Clallam County Environmental Health participates in the Washington Department of Health´s testing program to monitor the spread of the virus.  Please read our West Nile page for more information. 


Rabies is a life threatening viral infection which can spread by contact with the saliva and urine of infected animals.  While all mammals can potentially be infected with the rabies virus, only bats are a significant carrier of this infection in Washington State.  Rabies is extremely rare in domestic dogs and cats in Washington State.

If someone has been exposed to a bat or bitten by an animal that may be rabid, please read our rabies page and contact Public Health Services at (360) 417-2274 to begin the testing process.

batAdditional rabies information:

Information for doctors and veterinarians:


Rats and mice can be dangerous to public health. They can spread disease and damage property. Washington State Department of Health’s Rodent website has information on rodent control at Rodent Control - Washington State Department of Health.

The Washington State Department of Health's Zoonotic Disease Program has prepared informative brochures with advice on controlling rodents and protecting health and property. These brochures are available in PDF format via the following links:

ratInformation about Hantavirus:

Other Animal Diseases

Please visit the following links for information about other diseases spread by animals.


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