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Shellfish Program

Clallam County Environmental Health Division works with the Washington State Department of Health to administer Recreational Shellfish Program. The County focuses on two programs: marine biotoxin monitoring and notification, and public education.

Public Education

Please review our website information about recreational shellfish harvesting. This includes information about where and how to collect different types of shellfish along local beaches, and how to handle them safely once you have harvested them. We have also included outside links for more information.

Biotoxin Monitoring and Notification

Clallam County Environmental Health coordinates the Olympic Baywatchers for PSP monitoring at two sites in Sequim Bay. Environmental Health Services also samples mussels at Ediz Hook bi-weekly to check for PSP. All of the samples collected along Clallam County beaches are sent to the Washington State Department of Health Laboratory to be tested. If a beach is closed by the State Department of Health, Clallam County notifies the public of the closure.

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Marine Biotoxin (Red Tide) Hotline
Dept. of Health Shellfish Safety Map

Commercial Shellfishing

The State of Washington Department of Health is responsible for issuing licenses and certification for commercial shellfish operations. For information about commercial shellfishing, contact the Office of Shellfish and Water Protection, (360) 236-3313. Clallam County is involved in the monitoring and restoration of commercial shellfishing areas 'downgraded' due to pollution in local waters.

Other Shellfish Resources

If you don't find the information you are looking for on our website, please try these links to the State of Washington:

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