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Onsite (Septic) Complaints

Proper sewage disposal is important in order to protect public health, drinking water, and the environment.  The Environmental Health Division investigates complaints about improper disposal of sewage, as well as septic systems that may not be functioning properly.

The Division responds to all complaints in a timely manner, based on the nature of the complaint, and not on a ‘date received' basis.  An investigation usually involves visiting the site, assessing the problem, working with the owner to correct the problem, and educating the owner  to prevent future problems.  Complainants are not typically notified of the result of the investigation.  However, all County records are public and anyone may request a copy of the investigation findings.

The Division treats complaints as confidential unless the complainant says this is not necessary.  However, anyone who files a complaint should be aware that a property owner may go through legal procedures and possibly find out who complained.

If you wish to file a complaint, you may call the Division at 360-417-2258.

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