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Ecology´s Toxic Cleanup Program

Washington State Department of Ecology's Toxic Cleanup Program works to remedy accidental spills of dangerous materials and past business practices have contaminated land and water throughout the state.  These situations range from cleaning up contamination from leaking underground storage tanks, to large, complex projects requiring engineered solutions. For a list of 'complex' cleanup sites in Washington State, go to Ecology's 'complex' cleanup sites.

There are two main projects the Toxic Cleanup Program is working on in Clallam County.  One is the Puget Sound Initiative, where the Port Angeles Harbor has been selected as one of seven Puget Sound areas to focus resources.  The other project is the Rayonier Mill Site cleanup. You can also use Ecology's Cleanup Site Search to find other toxic cleanup sites in Clallam County.

Port Angeles Harbor

Rayonier Mill


Rayonier Mill Site cleanup (more...)

The updated Rayonier Cleanup webpage features include more detailed site information, photo galleries, and expanded public involvement information.

Rayonier Mill Off-Property Soil Dioxin Study (more...)

The Washington State Department of Ecology is studying dioxin levels in soils downwind of and near the former Rayonier Mill in Port Angeles. A Frequently Asked Questions document provides information about the study and background information about dioxins.

Port Angeles Harbor

Ecology is taking a baywide approach, rather than site-specific, approach to cleaning up numerous sites within a geographic area. The result is larger areas of usable shoreline habitat for fish, wildlife and people. Ecology has negotiated numerous cleanup agreements to meet Puget Sound Initiative objectives.

Through Ecology's Puget Sound Initiative, Port Angeles Harbor has been identified as one of seven sites in the Puget Sound Area.

Ecology has a website dedicated to the Port Angeles Baywide Project.

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