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Clallam County Code

County laws are created by Ordinance. Ordinances are adopted by the Board of Commissioners after a Public Hearing and are published in an organized form known as the "County Code." The Clallam County Code page contains links to recently adopted ordinances not yet codified. Interim and emergency ordinances, temporary in nature, are listed for informational purposes. Ordinances granting franchises are not codified.

Recently Adopted Ordinance(s):

  • Ordinance 934 - Amending CCC, Chapter 29.01, Purpose and Authority, modifying the text to exemptions for land
  • Ordinance 935 - Amending CCC 29.03, Definitins to redefine boundary line adjustment
  • Ordinance 936 - Amending CCC 29.30, Standards for subidvisons, short subdivisions, large lot subdivisions to amend improvement requirements and street standards
  • Ordinance 937 - Amending CCC 29.43, Boundary line adjustments and lot combination for lot or parcel combination
  • Ordinance 938 - Amending CCC 29.45, Alterations and vacations for the alteraton of a subdivision, binding site plan, mobile home park, RV park, short subdivision, or large lot division
  • Ordinance 939 - Amending Title 33, Zoning, Chapter 33.03, Definitions of the CCC to amend the definition of commercial storage
  • Ordinance 940 - Amending CCC, Chapter 33.30, Variances, to change the wording of the required showing for a variance