Quick Start Notes ** 
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Steps for Common Tasks


1)       Zoom to your area:  Use the "Zoom to..." pull down menu in the upper right corner of screen to choose a named area of interest.  Or use the  zoom tool to drag a box around the area you want to fill your screen


2)       Select Active Layer:  Click the dot next to the layer you wish to use to answer your question. For instance, Parcels for ownership information or Zoning for land-use information. 


 3)       Select Tool: choose the "tool" from the upper left corner of the screen. Holding the pointer over a tool will describe it’s use, click here for a full description of each tool.


 4)       Complete action:  depending on the tool you choose, your question can be answered by clicking an area or filling in the required information.


5)       Continue: Choose another layer, or Tool, or change visible layers, or area of interest. The map is interactive and several layers are linked to additional information that can be access using the proper tool.




Locating an Address or Parcel


  Locate Address: click this tool and fill in the box. The zip code can be important if the road name has been used on more than one road in the county.


A pop-up box is displayed with all possibilities of that address. If you click on the blue number of the closest choice in the box that pops up, it will zoom in closer to your chosen address.


The map will center on a dot, labeled with the address. This is the approximate point where the driveway leaves the road.


To remove the dot, click the    Clear Selection Tool button.




Locating a Parcel by Assessor Parcel Number:  






Assessor Records for a parcel:  






Assessor Parcel Map: 





 Zoning Summary:   (for a location within the County’s Zoning jurisdiction)




Printing a Map: 

To print the map image, the built-in printing doesn't work very well, so we recommend you do one of the following:

For even more tricks, tips and more thorough explanations, click here or on the Help page "Map Feature and Function Help".