Features and Functions of

Clallam County Parcel and Critical Areas Map


Selecting or Activating Map Layers:

You can choose from many available map "layers", to see just the combination of map information that you want to see. There is a default configuration, but you can change it.  At scales where the Critical Areas are visible, there are locations where the map can be very busy. In order to see some layers better, you can always turn other layers off by clicking in the square box next to the layer name in the Layers list at the bottom right section of the screen. You can also turn layers on by clicking this box. A check in the box means the layer will be visible, empty means that layer will not be visible. To make changes effective, click the Refresh button at the top or bottom of the Layers list.


Just as the square box makes the layer visible, the round box makes it the "active" layer. Most of the tools work on the "active" layer only. To make a layer active, click on the round dot next to it. Active =   Inactive = Only one layer can be active at a time.

Scale Dependent Layers: Some layers are only available when zoomed in the right amount. Some appear automatically at the appropriate scale, while others become available in the layer list, but still must be checked to become visible. (See above)

Critical Area and Parcel Map:

Jurisdictions and Boundaries Map:

Zooming to a specific scale or location:

Finding an Address Location:

Finding a Parcel by Assessor Parcel Number:



Obtaining pop-up Assessor Records for a parcel:



Obtaining a Zoning Summary (for a location within the County’s Zoning jurisdiction):

Viewing Assessor Parcel Map Images:



Printing a Map: 

To print the map image, the built-in printing doesn't work very well, so we recommend you do one of the following:

Identifying features on the Map: A Geographic Information System stores information about every feature on the map (such as the name of a road or stream, or the characteristics of a wetland). This can easily be obtained by clicking on that feature.

Linking to County Park Information (Jurisdictions and Boundaries Map Only)