Accessing Assessor Parcel Map Information

Electronic copies of the Parcel Maps maintained by the Assessorīs Office are now integrated into all of the web map projects. They are no longer available as stand-alone PDF files.

To see an assessor map image for any area of the county, simply zoom in to that area (you must be zoomed in to at least 1:12,000 scale for this layer to be available.) It is located just below Parcels and Lots in the layer list. Simply check the box to make it visible, and refresh the map.

  • Chose either the Critical Area and Parcel Map or the Jurisdictions and Boundaries Map.

  • Zoom to the area of interest by drawing a box with your mouse over that part of the map. (This layer is visible only at scales closer than 1:12,000.)

  • On the Layer List, scroll down to Assessor Map Images, and click the square button to make that layer visible . Refresh the map

  • You can turn any other layers on or off (as above) to show just the information you need.

  • To print the map image, the built-in printing doesn't work very well, so we recommend you do one of the following:

    • Right click on the map, and choose " copy", then open any application that will print an image (Word, Photoshop, Paint, Irfanview, etc) and "paste". Then print from that application.

    • Right click on the map, and choose "save picture as" and choose a file location and either accept the default name, or give it a more recognizable one. Then you can then open that file with any image viewing or editing software, incorporate it into a document, or print it.

  • With the images integrated into the map, you will now be able to superimpose any other available map layers. Though you may find this quite useful, you will also see that in many areas, the image shows significant mis-matching with map layers. This is simply a limitation of the accuracy of our map information.

  • These map images are intended to show calculated acreages from property lines as they are recorded and is not a substitute for a certified survey."

Now that these images are available as a part of the map, the old PDF files have been discontinued. Keeping them up to date in that format is a significant work load, and staff time is not available. We hope you find the new format meets your needs.