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Excise Taxes

For Excise Tax forms, click here. Submit completed forms and tax payment to the County Treasurer's Office where property is located.

Excise tax is a seller's tax based on the sale of property within the cities and county areas of Clallam County as per the chart below. It is authorized by Chapter 82.45 RCW and Chapter 458-61 WAC. An excise affidavit must accompany a deed to be recorded by the County Auditor. The sale amount and excise amount information is required on the deed as a prerequisite for filing in the Auditor's office (see sample documents, Excise Affidavit and Supplemental Statement). If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer's Office.

Excise Tax Rates as of July 1, 2005:

  State Rate Local Rate Total*
Clallam County 1.28%  .50% 1.78%  +  $5.00 (Technology Fee)
City of Port Angeles  1.28%  .50% 1.78%   + $5.00
City of Sequim 1.28%  .50% 1.78%   + $5.00
City of Forks 1.28%  .25% 1.53%  +  $5.00

*If exempt from paying Excise Tax, the fee for processing the affidavit is $10 ($5.00 Technology Fee and $5.00 Affidavit Processing Fee)