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Physical Habitat Monitoring

Streamkeepers´ Physical Habitat Monitoring

Most of Streamkeepers´ physical -habitat monitoring was discontinued in 2005.  The following memos from that year describe this decision:

Streamkeepers´ Physical Habitat Index (PHI)

Streamkeepers developed a Physical Habitat for Salmonids Index (PHI), based on physical habitat parameters that we monitor.  This work developed in several stages:

-- Our initial PHI paper describing the metrics we initially developed, and presented to the National Water Quality Monitoring Council (NWQMC) national conference in May 2004.

-- Our draft PHI scores based on a somewhat later version of the PHI, after some preliminary feedback on our paper.  We discarded one metric, (conifer stem count) and adjusted several others.

-- Our powerpoint presentation to the National Water Quality Monitoring Council annual conference 2004.

-- Our "Further Development of a PHI" paper written by our Volunteer Research Team in 2009.