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Side Sewer Permitting and Installation


A side sewer plan must be submitted to the County for review and denote materials and standards for side sewers as required in the Carlsborg Sewer Ordinance 080(5). This plan should include the following elements:

  1. Surface accessible backwater valve (to be installed on all side sewers)
  2. Locations/ dimensions of buildings to be served and property boundaries
  3. Other underground utilities (water line separation 10' min)
  4. Cleanouts (required at foundations; 45 degree or greater direction/grade changes; every 100 ft. of sewer pipe)
  5. Length of sewer pipe from lateral to building (4" min for single residential dwelling; 6" for commercial))
  6. Location of septic tank
  7. Increasers or grease traps
  8. Residential buildings require 6"x4" reducer
  9. Vegetation as necessary
  10. Easements (if applicable)

View a sample gravity sewer plan.

View the sewer cleanout assembly/tee located at each property (recommended standard for capping other cleanouts)

Some properties may not be able to be served by gravity and will require a pressurized system. Section 080(6) of the Carlsborg Sewer Ordinance includes information on plan requirements for pressurized side sewers.

All work is to be left exposed for inspection pursuant to section 090 of the Carlsborg Sewer Ordinance.

Permitting & Inspection

Once the ordinance goes into effect, permit fees for plan review and side sewer installation shall be as follows:

  • For single family residential accounts and public accounts:$150.00.
  • For commercial and industrial accounts: $250.00.

All side sewers must undergo inspection before final connection is made. A call for inspection must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance (business hours) and incurs a $75/inspection fee.

Other fees may apply such as right of way permits. View a list of applicable fees.

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