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Carlsborg Sewer System

June 2017

Carlsborg Sewer Ordinance

A new Carlsborg Sewer Ordinance went into effect on March 24, 2017 and is now Chapter 13.12 of the Clallam County Code. This ordinance contains information on connection requirements, side sewer use, repair and construction regulations, sewer rates and more.

Connection Policies and Fees

  • No new septic systems will be permitted for new development in the CUGA once the community sewer system is operational. In instances where it can be shown that this restriction will impose an unreasonable financial hardship a waiver is possible.
  • No current owner of developed property with a properly functioning septic system is required to connect to the new sewer system.
  • New subdivisions must provide sewer laterals (from the sewer main to the property line) for each new parcel in the subdivision.
  • Once the sewer system is operational, existing developed property within 200 feet of a sewer main must connect to the public sewer system within one year of a change in ownership.
  • Cost for connection for applications recieved prior to March 31, 2019 is $1,500 per ERU, and for those connecting thereafter the fee will be $8,000 per ERU. The application form is provided in the link below.

Carlsborg Sewer Service begins July 2017

Construction on the Carlsborg Sewer System will be completed in June 2017 and be set to go into the Commissioning Phase on July 5, 2017.  On that date, properties which have paid the connection fee and received all applicable permits can connect to the sewer system (see Side Sewer Permitting and Installation section below). 

Property owners who previously applied for the reduced connection fee (prior to March 31, 2017) must complete their side sewer installation process by December 2017; failure to do so will necessitate the submittal of a renewed application at the current connection fee levels.  For all those applicants, billing for Carlsborg sewer system service will commence with a billing cycle beginning August 1, 2017 (see User Fee section below).

Following a design developed by the County's consultant (Gray & Osborne) the implementation of the Sequim Alternative will require construction of gravity sewer mains connecting to a pump station in Carlsborg and force mains (pressure sewer lines) to the City of Sequim via the Highway 101 bridge to a point of connection with the City of Sequim collection system at Grant Road. From there, Carlsborg wastewater will be conveyed in a common sewer to the City's Water Reclamation Facility. The layout of the collection system and force main alignment is shown on the attached map. Note on the map the green lines show the location of the initial sewer collection system, currently being installed, and the red lines show future sewer mains.

Side Sewer Permitting and Installation

In addition to the connection fee, property owners are responsible for the cost of providing a 4" side sewer from the structure to the property line and must decommission their septic system per WAC 246-272A-0300 and submit a Septic Decommissioning Permit with the Clallam County Environmental Health Department. All work must be inspected and approved by the county prior to cover.

Before installation, side sewer plan must be submitted to the County for review and denote materials and standards for side sewers as required in the Carlsborg Sewer Ordinance 080(5). For more information on side sewer plan requirements, fees and to view a sample plan, visit the side sewer permitting and installation page.

A list of licensed Contractors experienced in excavating and septic can be found at this link.

User fees

  • Residential Customers: Base rate $26, plus $8.66 per 100 cubic feet of monthly water consumption. Based on historic water consumption data for Carlsborg, it is expected that the typical monthly sewer bill will be $70.
  • Commercial/governmental customers: The same rates are recommended for commercial and governmental users, except the rates would be multiplied by the number of equivalent residential units each user represents.

Additional Information

Clallam County Public Works Department
233 E. 4th Street, Suite 6
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Phone: (360) 417-2441


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