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Manufactured Home Moving Permit

Moving an existing Manufactured Home?

If you are moving an existing manufactured home from one location to another, a Manufactured Home Moving Permit is also required. This permit is administered by the Treasurer´s Office, and must be returned to the Treasurer´s Office, not the Building Division.

Per RCW 46.44.170, permits are required for licensed movers to relocate manufactured homes from one property to a new site. Taxes must be paid in full for the permit to be issued for moves within the county. For moves outside the county, an advance tax must also be collected for the next year. The information necessary includes:

  • If it's moving within or out of Clallam County
  • Current location address and parcel number
  • New location address and parcel number
  • Make, year, size and serial number of subject manufactured home

Download the  Manufactured Home Moving Permit Application (PDF)

To set up and use the home after moving it, you will also need a Manufactured Home Placement Permit, issued and inspected by the Building Division.