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Building Permit Requirements
Manufactured Home Placement

Download the Entire Application Package (PDF)
To print and submit, you must print onto 8 1/2"x14" legal size paper.)

This is a package that includes all of the documents linked below.

Worksheet Application (download form, PDF)

Directions to Site (download form, PDF)

Detailed Plot Plan (download instructions, PDF)

Drainage Plan for stormwater runoff (more information) 

  • Standard Drywell – (download form) - $30.00 FEE (download form, PDF)
  • Engineered Drainage Plan – see Road Department - FEE Variable

Potable Water Availabilty Review - (more information) (download form, PDF)

  • Well log, Nitrate and Bacterial Test Results – (submit all items at one time)
  • OR
  • Letter from the Water Purveyor
  • OR
  • Water Rights and above mentioned test.

Septic System (more information)

Structural Drawings minimum ¼" = 1' scale (two (2) complete sets required)

  • (Download a detailed checklist, PDF)
  • Foundation Plan and Roof Framing Plan,
  • Floor Plan,
  • Framing Plans,
  • Elevations - all four directions,
  • Structural Cross Section and Details,
  • Truss Design,
  • Stamped Washington State Licensed Engineer and/or Architect Calculations if applicable
Road Approach Permit

Moving an existing Mobile Home? (download form, 570k PDF) (separate download).

  • If you are moving an existing mobile home from one location to another, a Mobile Home Move Permit is also required. This permit is administered by the Treasurer´s Office, and must be returned to the Treasurer´s Office, not the Building Division. Consequently, it is not included in the package downloadable from the link at the top of the page.

New Address Application (download form, PDF)

  • If there is no existing address for this site, or if the existing address will continue to identify a separate existing structure.


    If your property was recently purchased and it is not in the Assessor's computer system, or someone owns it other than yourself, or the proposed project hinges on a real estate transaction, then Proof of Ownership is required. This can be done by providing a copy of the Deed filed in the Auditor's Office or by obtaining a letter from the owner stating their willingness to allow you to place/build a structure on their parcel (reference parcel Number).


The Review Process…

After we receive the application, it is reviewed by our Staff for compliance, including a structural plan check. We will compare your plot plan and parcel number with several different maps to verify compliance with many different state and county codes. SOME OF THE REQUIREMENTS INCLUDE: Zoning Maps, and Critical Area Maps (wetlands, bluffs, floodplains, creeks, rivers, streams, wildlife habitat, aquifer recharge areas, hydric soils, erosions landslide and seismic), legal lot sizes and setbacks from property lines or critical areas to your proposed site. If you are in, or close to, a critical area you may be required to sign a "Notice to Title" which we will filed with the county Auditor disclosing it is on or near your parcel of land. Most applicants are very much aware of these on their property (creek, bluff, pond, Straits of Juan de Fuca, for example). If you are building near a critical area, you will be notified if further studies or reports are needed prior to issuance of your permit. This may include temporary fencing of wetlands or stream buffers or marking of the buffer of landslide hazards with stakes. This usually happens when the property is so restricted by the critical area that development could adversely affect the area (such as a major wetland or steep hillside for example). An estimated one out of ten projects from this review is sent to our specialist for a site visit, and less than 1/10th of those requires a report.

Online PermitsOnline Permit System

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