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Effective Jan 2nd, 2013, the Dungeness Water Rule was established by the Washington Department of Ecology to manage scarce water resources in the Dungeness River and adjacent drainages (from Bagley Creek on the West to Bell Creek on the East - see map with detailed boundary).


This page is intended to provide links to all available Water Rule information, with a special emphasis on helping the public meet Water Rule requirements through the Clallam County Building and Land Use permitting processes.


Dungeness Water Rule Area Interactive Map (Also available from County Web Map page)

In addition to the information already on this map, it now shows the Irrigation District boundaries, the area where Outdoor Mitigation Packages are available, and a draft layer of the Group A Water System Boundaries. The parcel search function has also been fixed.

Water Rule Documents:

Water Rule Events:

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Dept of Ecology "Dungeness Water Management" web page
This is Dept of Ecology's general page on the Dungeness Water Rule

Washington Water Trust - Dungeness Water Exchange
Washington Water Trust is the organization managing the water exchange.


Water Rule Documents from Department of Ecology

Dept of Ecology Rule adoption documents page for the Dungeness Water Rule This page links to all documents filed in the rule making process since 2004. The following links go to the newest documents (filed in November, under "Rule Adoption").

Dept of Ecology "Dungeness Water Management Rule Background" web page This page provides a description of the background leading up to the Water Rule, including links to many explanatory documents, and process documents. Some selected links are provided below:

Online Permit System

An open letter to citizens of the Dungeness watershed (From Ted Sturdevant, Director of Dept of Ecology)
A response to Clallam County Commissioners (From Ted Sturdevant, Director of Dept of Ecology)

Memorandum of Understanding between Clallam County and Dept of Ecology (regarding the Water Rule)

Presentation Slides from Jan 17th workshop at John Wayne Marina: How to get Building Permits on Water Rule Area parcels.

Chart: New Homes in Dept of Ecology Water Rule Area 1990-2011 (Clallam County DCD data)