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Be advised that the map layers on all maps accessible from this page have limited accuracy, and do not necessarily align with one another, especially when zoomed in closer than 1:24,000. In addition, some layers may not be recently updated. Clallam County makes no warranty of the accuracy or usefulness of this data. Clallam County is actively working to update and improve this map data. It is a large and complex job, and resources are limited, so progress may appear much slower than you might like.

New Format Interactive Web Maps

Multipurpose Web Map (large thumbnail)

Multipurpose Web Map



A locally hosted web map with many core layers. Individual layers can be turned on and off as desired. This app includes the "Change Map" widget, which allows one-click switching between different layer configurations, Including:

  • Critical Areas Map
  • Parcel Map
  • Public Lands Map
  • Road and Addressing Map
  • Topographic Map
  • Voter Precinct Map
  • Zoning Map
Multipurpose Web Map (large thumbnail)

Critical Areas Map

This map highlights critical areas per Clallam County Code 27.12. Data includes wetlands, type 1-5 waters, shorelines, geologically hazardous areas and critical aquifer recharge areas. This is the same data available in the Multipurpose map – Critical Areas widget.

Multipurpose Web Map (large thumbnail)

Shoreline Master Program Map

This map highlights the shoreline master program updates adopted by Clallam County on September 1, 2021 in Ordinance 972.  Data includes channel migration zones, meander hazards, unstable bluffs, feeder bluffs, and shoreline environment designations.

Multipurpose Web Map (large thumbnail)

Preliminary FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in cooperation with the state, county, tribes, and local communities, is using updated data and newer technology to create updated Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) to more accurately represent the risk of flooding in your community. At this time, the updated flood maps are considered preliminary. For more information, read the Clallam County, Washington Flood Map Update by FEMA. The current FEMA FIRM maps are on our website here.
Multipurpose Web Map (large thumbnail)

Aerial Photo Map


This map contains layers for all available aerial photo (orthophoto) sets for Clallam County (1990-2019). It has basic layers available to overlay, symbolized to contrast with the photo image.

Multipurpose Web Map (large thumbnail)

Basic Parcel Map


This is a basic parcel map, with parcels, sections, and range/township lines, as well as a layer for cities. It has the option of showing Assessor Map images. It contains no other reference layers, and so depends on the standard esri basemaps for features.

Multipurpose Web Map (large thumbnail)

Dungeness Water Rule Map

This layout shows the Washington Department of Ecology's WRIA 18 East (Dungeness) Water Rule Area. It includes a selected set of other base map layers, including Parcels, Roads, and Streams, as well as water-specific layers, including Irrigation Districts, Water Districts, and Outdoor Mitigation Availability.

Multipurpose Web Map (large thumbnail)

Onsite Septic System (OSS) Inspection Status Map

This layout is designed to display parcel Onsite Septic System Inspection Status information from the Environmental Health Onsite Inspection Records database and includes the standard base layers, like roads, streams, wetlands, section lines, and parcels, plus all the various zones, districts and boundaries in Clallam County for which Clallam County has GIS data. Including: Olympic National Park and Forest, DNR Land, cities, reservations, 2013 aerial photos, Marine Recovery Area, and Sewer Services Areas. Please visit the Septics 201 DIY Homeowner Inspection webpage to determine if a septic system is eligible for Homeowner inspection or to become certified to inspect your own septic system.

Multipurpose Web Map (large thumbnail)

Jurisdictions & Boundaries Map

This map is an exhaustive a collection of all the various zones, districts and boundaries in Clallam County for which we have GIS data. Including: Zoning, Urban Growth Areas, LAMIRDs, Voter Precincts, Tax Code Areas, Commissioner Districts, School Districts, Fire Districts, Hospital Districts, Judicial Districts, Water and Sewer System Service Areas, Irrigation Districts, Water Rule Area, Marine Recovery Area (MRA), Clean Water District, No-Shoot Zones, Urban Address Grid boundaries, Zip Codes, and WRIAs. Also included are basic layers like Parcels, Roads, and Streams, as well as, the major public lands including: Olympic National Park and Forest, including Wilderness Areas. In Clallam County: Cities,  Reservations, state and county Parks.

Static Maps

Flood Hazard Maps

Flood Hazard map layers (e.g., 100-year floodplain, floodway) have been removed as Web Map layers at this time.

Clallam County's adopted "Frequently Flooded Areas" are represented by the current Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

This Page provides multiple resources to access the FIRM panels in PDF form, as well as further explanation about flood hazards and maps.

Auditor Recorded Maps

This link accesses the Auditor's Recorded Documents, including downloadable PDF format copies of recorded maps, such as plats and surveys.

Published Maps (printable PDFs)


Various Published Maps in Adobe PDF format. These maps are cartographic works, designed for printing and ease of use. Their information is valid only for the date published.
For the most current information use interactive maps (above).

Tsunami Evacuation Maps

PDF Format brochures with Maps and text to explain evacuation routes and procedures for Tsunami Hazards.

Downloadable GIS Data

Select GIS datasets are available for free download.


See also the Mineral Resource Lands Update Maps.

Contact Assessor with questions about parcel maps or other parcel data.
Contact Community Development with all other map questions.