Clallam County Zoning Code Summary

Updated November 15, 2002 .

Rural Character Conservation 5 Zone (RCC5)


This summary is provided for your convenience and does not represent all provisions of the Clallam County Zoning Code. You are encouraged to consult the Zoning Code in its entirety. The County does not intend that you rely solely on this summary.


PURPOSE: The purpose of the Rural Character Conservation 5 (RCC5) zone is to conserve and enhance the rural character of Clallam County by providing for the retention of large rural lot sizes allowing productive woodlots, pasture lands and other rural uses typically requiring more than 5 acres. The RCC5 zone preserves open land, sensitive natural areas, and rural community character that would be lost under conventional development while allowing developers to reduce road and utility costs.

---------------------- PERMITTED USES ----------------------

---------------------- CONDITIONAL USES ----------------------

---------------------- PROHIBITED USES ----------------------

---------------------- STANDARDS ----------------------

* Special Development Standards for Cluster Developments.

1. Maximum Residential Density: One dwelling unit per 4.8 acres.

2. Minimum Lot Size (lots within the development portion of the parcel): 1/2 acre

3. Minimum Lot Size (remainder lots):

Parcels less than 60 acres in area - Seventy percent (70%) of the gross parcel size before development.

4. Minimum Lot Width: 75 feet

5. Maximum Lot Width to Depth Ratio: 1/4 (0.25)

6. Setbacks:

abutting a private road, whichever is greater)

130-feet from centerline of county road or state highway right-of-way (or 100-feet from property line abutting a county road or state highway, whichever is greater)

7. At the sole discretion of the land divider, the remainder lot may be identified as an open space lot which may be under the ownership of an homeowner’s association.

8. The minimum lot size for a Rural Character Conservation 5 development utilizing the cluster development option shall be 11 acres of contiguous ownership. Parcels that were in a non-contiguous, individual ownership smaller than 11 acres on February 27, 1995 shall also have the right to divide to the underlying cluster density of one dwelling unit per 4.8 acres.

9. Lots within the cluster portion of the development must meet the following minimum standards:

10. Remainder lots shall be located and designed to maximize common boundaries with open land on adjacent tracts, as shown in the Open Space Overlay Zone, and shall consist of large contiguous areas not less than 100 feet in width.