Clallam County Zoning Code Summary

Updated November 14, 2002.

Quillayute Residential (QR)


This summary is provided for your convenience and does not represent all provisions of the Clallam County Zoning Code. You are encouraged to consult the Zoning Code in its entirety. The County does not intend that you rely solely on this summary.


PURPOSE: The purpose of the Quillayute Residential (QR) zone is to provide a land use classification in areas where residential one-acre lots in rural areas is either currently the predominant land use or is proposed.

---------------------- PERMITTED USES ----------------------

---------------------- CONDITIONAL USES ----------------------

---------------------- PROHIBITED USES ----------------------

---------------------- STANDARDS ----------------------

50 feet from the right-of-way centerline of an arterial street

60 feet from the right-of-way centerline of a highway (or 15-feet from property line, whichever is greater)

*Subject to the maximum residential density requirements for this zone.