Clallam County Zoning Code Summary

Updated November 15, 2002.

Public Land (P)


This summary is provided for your convenience and does not represent all provisions of the Clallam County Zoning Code. You are encouraged to consult the Zoning Code in its entirety. The County does not intend that you rely solely on this summary.


PURPOSE: The purpose of the Public Land Use zoning district is to identify properties used for public purposes such as public buildings, schools, cemeteries, parks, playgrounds and recreational areas.

All new uses on public land zoning districts shall be conditional. They shall go through the conditional use permitting process with public input and a determination that the proposed use is appropriate and compatible with neighboring land use and/or includes mitigation that makes it an acceptable use.

(1) Maximum Residential Density. One single-family dwelling for a caretaker.

(2) Minimum Lot Size. The minimum necessary to provide adequate potable water and sewage disposal for the proposed use.

(3) Setbacks.

(a) Front yard forty-five (45) feet from a local access street, fifty (50) feet from an arterial street, sixty (60) feet from a highway.

(b) Side yard eight (8) feet (forty (40) feet from the centerline of the right-of-way of a side street).

(c) Rear yard fifteen (15) feet (forty (40) feet from the centerline of the right-of-way of a rear street).


A full zoning summary is not available for this zone, at this time.