Clallam County Zoning Code Summary

Updated November 14, 2002 .

Commercial Forest (CF)


This summary is provided for your convenience and does not represent all provisions of the Clallam County Zoning Code . You are encouraged to consult the zoning code in its entirety. The County does not intend that you rely solely on this summary.


PURPOSE: The purpose of the Commercial Forest (CF) zone is to protect large forest land parcel from encroachment of uses which threaten effective forest management practices.

---------------------- PERMITTED USES ----------------------

---------------------- CONDITIONAL USES ----------------------

---------------------- PROHIBITED USES ----------------------

---------------------- STANDARDS ----------------------

Front, Side and Rear yard 130 feet, unless the lot is less than 10 acres in size and was legally created prior to June 27, 1995, in which case the setbacks are 50 feet. For properties abutting road rights-of-way, setback measurements are taken from the centerline of said rights-of-way.

*On lots which were not part of a county wide ownership of more than 640 acres located in the Commercial Forest

zoning district on June 27, 1995.