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NON-Interactive (static) Maps (Adobe PDF and JPEG formats):
Note: The Road Map Book, and regional road maps were updated in 2012.
         The rest of these static maps generally have not been updated since 2004.
         For current map information, use the
Interactive Maps.

Countywide Index Map (graphic)
East End Index Map (graphic)

Section Listing Index to Maps (text)
Listing of Countywide Maps (text)
Growth Management Planning Maps (text)

Map Legend Menu (text)

The above links will connect you to all of the old on-line maps. The index maps are graphic image maps of the county. Click on a spot on one of the index maps to pop up a menu of available maps for that area. The section listing index is a list of all sections for which there are large scale maps. Click on a section in the list to pop up a menu of available maps for that section. (You'll have to find the section on the map once it comes up). Sections are listed in Range-Township-Section format, which matchyes the first 6 digits of a parcel number . (Section 15, Township 30N, Range 4 WWM is listed as "043015"). There is also a listing of available county-wide maps, and a page devoted to maps for the Growth Management Act (GMA) evaluation and update.

Currently, there are five sets of large scale (1:24,000) maps: The Road Maps include general base map information, including all named roads in the 911 addressing system (including Cities and Tribes), along with streams, sections, address grid boundaries and major jursidictional boundaries. The Critical Area and Zoning Maps show all of the above base information, plus zoning, parcels, and all of the various critical areas designated by the County. Note the Critical Area Map Legend: This is a one-page legend and guide to the maps. It is essential to understanding them. The Wetland Function Maps show all the wetlands in the county, identified with a unique identifier and an attribute code explaining itīs functional relationship to the overal natural systems. All of the above maps are in Acrobat PDF format, the following two types are JPEG images. The image Parcel Maps are no longer available, changes in the web server rendered them inoperative. To get parcel maps, go to the Interactive Maps. .

All sets of large scale maps are laid out on the 51 pages of the County Road Map Book, which cover the populated parts of the county. These are laid out on a virtual 11x17 inch sheet. Regional road maps are laid out on a virtual 35x45 inch sheet. County-wide maps vary in size.

All maps will be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
(Download Acrobat Reader) You can zoom in to any part of the map to see it in more detail. In order to fit on the map, parcel numbers on the Critical Area Maps, and attribute codes on the Wetland Maps use a tiny type that requires zooming way in.

Graphics Select ToolYou can easily print an entire map book page to your printer (road labels will be readable on an 11"x17" sheet). It is also possible to print only a portion of a map (zoomed in to see detail and small text) if you have acrobat reader version 4.0 or later. (Download the latest version of Acrobat Reader)   Use the Graphic Selection Tool  to draw a box around the portion of the screen you wish to print. From the print dialog box, for the print range choose "selected graphic".

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