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Flood Hazard Mapping:

Accessing FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)


Flood Insurance Rate Maps are published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Since Clallam County participates in the federal Flood Insurance Program, permits issued by Clallam County must address activities conducted within the flood zones shown. The map images accessed from this page represent the legal delineation of flood hazard zones, as used in the Flood Insurance Progam.

Why the Change to web maps?

Due to accuracy issues, the "100 year Flood" layer has been removed from the web maps.

Instead, map users are being encouraged to consult the actual Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), whose images are linked from this page, and from the web maps. Only the FIRM maps are legally valid.

A more technical explanation is included at the bottom of this page.

Click here to access FEMA Flood Map Update Storymap. Flood Insurance Rate Maps have been updated by FEMA and are now available for your review. NOTE: These maps have NOT been formally adopted by Clallam County Commissioners as of October, 2021. For further information, contact Dept. of Community Development at 360-417-2420.

Flood Map Index

The Flood Index Map is a clickable index which identifies all the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) panels in Clallam County.  Clicking on any of the panels will open a pop-up box; click More Info to open a PDF of that panel.  You may also use the index map to identify the FIRM panel number and search the list below for the PDF.

FIRM Map List
To open a FIRM map PDF, click the link to the right of the panel name

5300210075D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210075D.pdf
5300210100C https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210100C.pdf
5300210225C https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210225C.pdf
5300210230B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210230B.pdf
5300210235D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210235D.pdf
5300210240B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210240B.pdf
5300210245B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210245B.pdf
5300210275C https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210275C.pdf
5300210290C https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210290C.pdf
5300210295D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210295D.pdf
5300210315D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210315E.pdf
5300210320D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210320E.pdf
5300210350C https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210350C.pdf
5300210365D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210365D.pdf
5300210400C https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210400C.pdf
5300210405B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210405B.pdf
5300210410B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210410B.pdf
5300210415B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210415B.pdf
5300210420C https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210420C.pdf
5300210430B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210430B.pdf
5300210440B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210440B.pdf
5300210445B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210445B.pdf
5300210455B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210455B.pdf
5300210460B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210460B.pdf
5300210465B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210465B.pdf
5300210470D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210470B.pdf
5300210480C https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210480C.pdf
5300210485D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210485E.pdf
5300210490B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210490B.pdf
5300210505D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210505D.pdf
5300210510D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210510D.pdf
5300210515B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210515B.pdf
5300210520B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210520B.pdf
5300210530D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210530D.pdf
5300210535D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210535D.pdf
5300210540D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210540D.pdf
5300210545D https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210545D.pdf
5300210575C https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210575C.pdf
5300210580C https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210580C.pdf
5300210585C https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210585C.pdf
5300210590B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210590B.pdf
5300210595B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210595B.pdf
5300210625B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210625B.pdf
5300210650B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210650B.pdf
5300210675B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210675B.pdf
5300210725B https://www.clallam.net/Maps/pdf/5300210725B.pdf

Previously, the web maps included a "100 year Flood" layer, produced by FEMA, depicting a digitized version of the 100 year (1%) Flood Zones from the FIRM maps. Because the base map on which this data was mapped is distorted relative to current geographic information, the flood zones depicted often landed well outside the actual intended location. Despite disclaimers about map accuracy issues, it was decided that this inaccuracy had the potential to mislead map viewers about the applicability of flood zone regulations to specific parcels. Since the legal definition of these zones is based on the published maps, any definitive inquiry about FEMA designated flood zones must consult the actual FIRM maps, whose images are accessible from this page, and from the web maps.

The FIRM maps are in the later stages of being replaced with new digital data. Once the updated version of this data is released, we will evaluate the appropriateness of overlaying it with Clallam County data.

Contact Community Development with any questions concerning flood maps .