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Experimental Maps

These web maps are built to test and demonstrate our new web mapping platform: ArcGIS Server and Portal hosted locally, and ArcGIS Online hosted by esri.

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Multipurpose web map

A locally hosted web map with many core layers. Individual layers can be turned on and off as desired. This app includes the "Change Map" widget, which allows one-click switching between different layer configurations, Including:

  • Critical Areas Map
  • Parcel Map
  • Public Lands Map
  • Road and Addressing Map
  • Topographic Map
  • Voter Precinct Map
  • Zoning Map

This map contains layers for all available aerial photo (orthophoto) sets for Clallam County (1990-2017, including high resolution). It has basic layers available to overlay, symbolized to contrast with the photo image.

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Basic Parcel Map

This is a basic parcel map, with parcels, sections, and range/township lines, as well as a layer for cities. It is built to use the standard esri basemaps for features.

Dungeness Water Rule Map

This layout shows the Washington Department of Ecology's WRIA 18 East (Dungeness) Water Rule Area. It includes a selected set of other base map layers, including Parcels, Roads, and Streams, as well as water-specific layers, including Irrigation Districts, Water Districts, and Outdoor Mitigation Availability.

Onsite Septic System (OSS) Inspection Status Map

This layout is designed to display parcel Onsite Septic System Inspection Status information from the Environmental Health Onsite Inspection Records database and includes the standard base layers, like roads, streams, wetlands, section lines, and parcels, plus all the various zones, districts and boundaries in Clallam County for which Clallam County has GIS data. Including: Olympic National Park and Forest, DNR Land, cities, reservations, 2013 aerial photos, Marine Recovery Area, and Sewer Services Areas. Please visit the Septics 201 DIY Homeowner Inspection webpage to determine if a septic system is eligible for Homeowner inspection or to become certified to inspect your own septic system.



This web-mapping platform is currently under construction, so resources that have been available at one time may become unavailable at another time, as we test and make changes. Feel free to use the maps, and provide feedback to Tom in the IT dept, However, do not count on these maps functioning correctly until they are published in final form. Click the "MAPS" tab above to go to our production web maps.