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Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Update

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WRIA 20 Area
SMP Documents and Maps

Shorelines in Clallam County are protected by the WA State Shoreline Management Act (SMA) and by the Clallam County SMP (see links below).  This website provides SMP Update information and links to local and state shoreline-related materials.

Clallam County SMP WIRA 20 Visioning Forum and Interview Report (June 2011)

Clallam County SMP WRIA 20 Primary Element Report (July 2011)

Clallam County SMP WRIA 20 Restoration Plan (May 2011)

Clallam County SMP WRIA 20 Inventory and Characterization Report (ICR)(Revised May 2012)

WRIA 20 ICR - Key to Zoning Codes and Acronyms (5-12)

WRIA 20 ICR - Bibliography (5-12)

Memo RE: WRIA 20 Shoreline Environment Designations



Clallam County SMP WRIA 20 Shoreline Designation Maps:


West Half Countywide Index Map


  West Half Index Map

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27. Upper Hoko & Upper Big River Vicinity
28. Lower Big River & Lower Umbrella Creek Vicinity

30. Dickey River Vicinity
31. Quillayute River to Mouth Vicinity
32. Lower Sol Duc & Bogachiel River Vicinity
33. Upper Bogachiel River Vicinity
34. Forks and Calawah Vicinity
35. Sol Duc & Calawah River Vicinity
36. Mid-Sol Duc River & Shuwah Creek Vicinity
37. Lake Pleasant Vicinity
38. Beaver Lake and Beaver Creek Vicinity
39. Upper Sol Duc & Lower Bear Creek Vicinity
40. Upper Sol Duc & Upper Bear Creek Vicinity
41. Upper Sol Duc River, Camp & Goodman Creek Vicinity

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