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Shoreline Master Program (SMP) - Supporting Documents

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Shoreline Inventory and Characterization


** Clallam County WRIA 17-19 Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report (ICR)

March 2012

** Revised Draft WRIA 20 Inventory and Characterization Report (ICR)
May 2012


Shoreline Restoration Plan



** Draft Countywide Shoreline Restoration Plan

Updated February 2016



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Shoreline Cumulative Impacts Analysis and No Net Loss Report

** Final Cumulative Impacts Analysis and No Net Loss (CIA/NNL) Report ( Revised June 2017) ... NEW

** Draft Cumulative Impacts Analysis and No Net Loss Report

Feb 2013


Other Support Documents



Summary Report for Use with Clallam County's Shoreline Master Program

December 2013


Clallam County ESV Summary
November 2013

Clallam County ESV Report

November 2013

Consultant Memorandum: Explanation of Proposed Shoreline Buffer Widths

December 2012


** Clallam County SMP Public Participation Strategy

March 2010

** Clallam County SMP Update Vision Report _ WRIA 17-19

March 2011

** Clallam County Shoreline Master Program Update -- Consistency Review

July 2011

** Final Consistency Review Document Memo

July 7, 2011

** Revised Draft WRIA 20 Primary Elements Report

July 13, 2011


Earlier version of SED Maps

February 2012


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