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Zoning Designations

Rural Moderate (R2) -- LAMIRD

For applicable use tables and development standards, see the Zoning Code at CCC 33.10.030, Rural Moderate (R2).

For any commercial, industrial, mixed use, duplex, or multifamily development within LAMIRDs, see also Chapter 33.22 CCC, LAMIRD Standards.  Chapter 33.22 CCC implements Policy 4 of CCC 31.02.263, Limited areas of more intensive rural development.  For any commercial, industrial, or mixed use development within LAMIRDs, see the additional goals and policies at CCC 31.02.263(4).

Please note that these links do not represent all applicable development provisions.  For more information, see the Clallam County Code or interactive Clallam County maps, or contact the Department of Community Development by phone at (360) 417-2420, via email at , online at, or at the County Courthouse at 223 E 4th St. Suite 5, Port Angeles, WA. 

Last updated March 2010