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Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Update

Dated: November 2014

NOTE:  The November 2012 Draft SMP available on this web page represents an earlier draft that incorporated revisions to a February 2012 SMP Preliminary Working Draft (under prior review by a County Shoreline Update Committee).  The current draft under review by Clallam County is the September 2017 Draft SMP recommended by the Clallam County Planning Commission to the Board of Clallam County Commissioners.


Clallam County November 2012 Draft SMP Update:


Summary of November 2012 Changes to the Clallam County SMP Final Draft (702 KB) 9 pgs.


Entire Nov. 2012 Draft SMP Update Document (4.67 MB) 230 pgs.


Clallam County draft SMP separated by chapter:

Exhibit A - Draft Shoreline Environmental Designation (SED) Maps:

Exhibit B - Shoreline Checklist & Statement of Exemption for Ensuring Consistency with SMP Policies and Regulations and No Net Loss Policy:

Exhibit A: Information Summary (208 KB)

Exhibit B: Shoreline Checklist & Statement of Exemption Form (315 KB)


The SED Maps have been updated (February 2013).
Map files are larger due to OrthoPhotos and may take a bit longer to download.


2013 Click on the Map below for Hyperlinked Map Index:


Clallam County draft 2013 SED Maps Individually Linked below:

Map Index (1.20 MB)

Entire Map Collection (24 MB)

01. Miller Peninsula (1.4 MB)

02. Sequim Bay Vicinity (1.3 MB)

03. Dungeness Bay Vicinity (907 KB)

04. Lower Dungeness River Vicinity (1.76 MB)

05. Mid-Dungeness River Vicinity (1.75 MB)

06. Upper-Dungeness River and Gray Wolf River Vicinity (1.27 MB)

07. Dungeness Bluffs &  McDonald Creek Vicinity (1.43 MB)

08. Upper McDonald Creek Vicinity (1.32 MB)

09. Lower Morse Creek Vicinity (1.71 MB)

10. Upper Morse Creek Vicinity (1.42 MB)

11. Elwha River & Freshwater Bay Vicinity (1.3 MB)

12. Upper Elwha River Vicinity (1.48 MB)

13. Lake Sutherland Vicinity (1.64 MB)

14. Crescent Bay & Salt Creek Vicinity (1.39 MB)

15. Whiskey Creek & Crescent Bay Vicinity (1.48 MB)

16. Lyre River & Low Point Vicinity (1.25 MB)

17. Deep Creek, East and West Twin Rivers Vicinity (1.25 MB)

18. Clallam Bay & Clallam River Vicinity (1.3 MB)

19. Upper Clallam River Watershed and Pysht River Vicinity (1.46 MB)

20. Sekiu River Vicinity (1.1 MB)

21. Bullman Beach Vicinity (984 KB)

22. Upper Sekiu River Vicinity (1.34 MB)

23. Greater Hoko/Ozette Watershed Vicinity (1.85 MB)

24. Greater Dickey River Watershed and Quillayute River Vicinity (2 MB)

25. Quillayute River to Mouth Vicinity (1.6 MB)

26. Lower Sol Duc River and Bogachiel River Vicinity (1.3 MB)

27. Upper Bogachiel River Vicinity (1.6 MB)

28. Forks and Calawah Vicinity(1.55 MB)

29. Mid-Sol Duc River Vicinity (1.45 MB)

30. Lake Pleasant Vicinity (1.66 MB)

31. Beaver Lake and Beaver Creek Vicinity (1.54 MB)

32. Upper Sol Duc River Vicinity (1.75 MB)

33. Greater Sol Duc River Watershed Vicinity (2.16 MB)

Many of our documents are in portable document format (PDF), some are very large.

Content Updated March 6, 2013.

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