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How to Locate an Address on the Map

Clallam County┬┤s interactive maps are capable of locating any valid address in Clallam County (including Cities and Tribal Reservations.)

(Note that this tool will find the theoretical location of any address that could have a valid location. Locating an address does not indicate that that address actually exists, but rather, where it is if it does exist, or where it would be if it were to be assigned in the future.)

From any of the interactive maps....

  • Click the Picture of the Locate Address tool Locate Address tool, and fill in the boxes. The Zip Code can be important if the road name has been used on more than one road in the county.
  • The map will center on a dot, labeled with the address. This is the approximate point where the driveway leaves the road.
  • To remove the dot, click the Picture of the Clear Selection button Clear Selection button.

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