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Shoreline Master Program

(SMP) Update: Planning Commission Recommendation

Sept 2017

The County Planning Commission has recommended the below Draft SMP (September 2017) to the Board of County Commissioners to update and replace: (1) the existing 1976 Clallam County SMP (last amended 1992); and (2) SMP administrative procedures in Chapter 35.01, Shoreline Management, of the Clallam County Code (CCC) under Title 35 CCC, Shorelines


Clallam County SMP Update Draft : September 2017

  • Exhibit A: Clallam County Shoreline Environmental Designation SED MAPS

    • Maps of the marine and freshwater shorelines and their proposed Shoreline Environmental Designation (SED) subject to the Draft SMP.  SED’s provide a framework for shoreline policies and regulations. See Chapter 2 for more information on each of the six types of proposed SED’s.  


Many of our documents are in portable document format (PDF), some are very large.


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Content Updated December 21, 2017