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Draft Shoreline Master Program

(SMP) Update

Dated: November 2014

NOTE:  The November 2014 Draft SMP available on this web page represents an earlier draft reviewed by the Clallam County Planning Commission. The Planning Commission held public hearings on the 2014 Draft SMP in February 2015.  The current draft under review by Clallam County is the September 2017 Draft SMP recommended by the Clallam County Planning Commission to the Board of Clallam County Commissioners.


Clallam County SMP Update Draft :

November 2014 Document by chapter

  • Ch 2. Shoreline Environmental Designations

    • Provides the criteria, management policies, and use tables (allowed, conditional and prohibited uses) for each of the six SED’s. See Exhibit A for SED Maps.
  • Ch 5. General Policies and Regulations

    • General Policies and Regulations (applies to all uses and developments).  Includes policies and regulations related to existing (grandfathered) uses and developments.
  • Ch 7. Critical Areas within Shoreline Jurisdiction

    • Critical Areas within the Shoreline Jurisdiction. Address policies and regulations for critical areas (e.g., wetlands, floodplains, geologic hazard areas, etc…) located within or in association with the shoreline jurisdiction.
  • Ch 8. Mitigation and No Net Loss

    • Mitigation and No Net Loss. Describes standards that shoreline uses and developments must meet to achieve the no net loss requirements of the Shoreline Management Act.
  • Ch 9. Shorelines of Statewide Significance

    • Shorelines of Statewide Significance.  Contains additional policies for shorelines of statewide significance that include marine waters and some rivers.


  • Exhibit A: Clallam County Shoreline Environmental Designation SED MAPS

    • Maps of the marine and freshwater shorelines and their proposed Shoreline Environmental Designation (SED) subject to the Draft SMP.  SED’s provide a framework for shoreline policies and regulations. See Chapter 2 for more information on each of the six types of proposed SED’s.  


Many of our documents are in portable document format (PDF), some are very large.


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