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Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Update

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  On December 12, 2017, the Board of County Commissioners held a public hearing on the County Planning Commission’s recommended September 2017 Draft SMP to update and replace: (1) the existing 1976 SMP (last amended 1992); and (2) the SMP administrative procedures in Clallam County Code Chapter 35.01, Shoreline Management. The hearing was preceded by four regional public forums and three Board work sessions.  The Board closed the public hearing on December 12, 2017 following receipt of comments.  The Board held 16 work sessions to consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation and the public hearing comments received. On October 30, 2018 the Board adopted Resolution 91 to approve an updated Clallam County SMP (Oct. 2018) for submittal to the Washington State Department of Ecology for state review and approval. The County received required and recommended changesto the 2018 SMP from Ecology in March 2021. The BOCC held three public hearings and approved the final ordinance July 20, 2021. Ordinance 972 recieved formal approval by the Department of Ecology on August 18, 2021. Ordinance 972-Shoreline Management will go into affect September 1, 2021.  

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Final Ordinance Shoreline Master Program (SMP)— Approval by the Board of County Commissioners

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Final Ecology Approval

Clallam County has received Final Approval of Ordinance 972

Final Ecology Letter dated August 18, 2021


STATE ECOLOGY CHANGES TO 2018 Shoreline Master Program

Under the state Shoreline Management Act, RCW 90.58, the County and state Department of Ecology share joint authority and responsibility for the update and administration of the SMP. Pursuant to RCW 90.58.090, updates to the County’s SMP require approval by Ecology to be effective. The locally-approved SMP has been reviewed and the following comments have been received:

Upcoming BOCC Work Sessions will be conducted to discuss these changes and proposed action for final adoption of the SMP.


Lake Sutherland Buffer – same 35’ reduced buffer width with changes to clarify internal inconsistencies and to ensure adequate mitigation for ‘no net loss’ (NNL); the tiered approach allows applicant to choose a preferred strategy:

  • ECY Attachment A Findings & Conclusions (especially pages 7, 15 – 18, and 25);
  • ECY Attachment B Required Changes –Item #8 ECY Discussion/Rationale
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ORMA & MSP – add specific provisions required by this related law and to implement the state’s new Plan:
§  ECY Ocean Management webpage  with links to ORMA (RCW 43.143) and our Ocean Management Guidelines (WAC 173-26-360);
§  ECY Marine Spatial Planning webpage with links to the WA State Marine Spatial Plan;



Clallam County is updating its Shoreline Master Program (SMP).   The update is required by the Washington’s Shoreline Management Act (SMA), RCW 90.58, and must demonstrate consistency with the SMA and state SMP Update Guidelines (WAC 173-26).  SMP’s includes goals and policies, regulations (e.g., use standards, buffers), and administrative procedures (e.g., permit process) for new development and uses.

Per the SMA, the SMP applies to: 1) all marine waters, reaches of rivers and streams where the mean annual flow is more than 20 cubic feet per second, and lakes and reservoirs 20 acres or greater in size that are within the jurisdiction of Clallam County; 2) areas within 200 feet from the ordinary high water mark or floodway of these water bodies; and 3) associated wetlands and river deltas. To consolidate regulations, the SMP would also apply to the full extent of the mapped 100-year floodplain and land necessary for buffers to protect critical areas (e.g., landslide hazard areas) that are overlapping or otherwise coincident with the shoreline jurisdiction pursuant to RCW 90.58.030 (2)(d). The City of Forks is considering the SMP for rivers inside the city limits.

This SMP Update and associated web pages contains information on the SMP Update process that includes, but not limited to:

  • SMP Supporting Documents such as the shoreline inventory and characterization, shoreline restoration plan, Cumulative Impacts Analysis/No Net Loss Report, State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Threshold Determination and Environmental Checklist, and other supporting documents.
  • SMP Update Documents that include earlier 2012, 2014 and 2017 Draft SMPs and also the Existing 1976 SMP to be updated.
  • Channel migration zone (CMZ) mapping.
  • Other SMP Update related information.


PUBLIC INPUT- The County is not soliciting comment at this time, but would be happy to answer any questions on the Shoreline Master Program.

Comment on Shoreline Master Program




SMP Written Public Comments Received:


Sept. 20, 2017 thru Dec. 12, 2017


Feb. 28, 2015 thru Sept. 19, 2017


Nov. 2014 thru Feb. 27, 2015


Prior to Nov. 2014



Upcoming Public Meetings






Shoreline Master Program



SMP Presentations





County Commissioner Oct 29 & 30th, 2018 Meeting Packet Materials


County Commissioner October 15, 2018 Work Session SMP Meeting Packet Materials


County Commissioner September 17, 2018 Work Session SMP Meeting Materials (Includes Revised Draft SMP)


County Commissioner August 20, 2018 Work Session SMP Meeting Packet Materials


County Commissioner August 13, 2018 Work Session SMP Meeting Packet Materials


County Commissioner August 6, 2018 Work Session SMP Meeting Packet Materials


County Commissioner July 23, 2018 Work Session SMP Meeting Packet Materials


County Commissioners July 16, 2018 Work Session SMP Meeting Packet Materials


County Commissioners June 11, 2018 Work Session Materials (includes public comment summary specific to Draft SMP Chapters 1-5)



Board of County Commissioners Worksession .... (March 5, 2018)



County Commissioner Feb. 12, 2018 Worksession


Sequim Regional Public Forum (Nov. 14, 2017)


Presentation to County Commissioners (Nov. 13, 2017) – SMP Buffers, Channel Migration Zones, Mitigation & No Net Loss Provisions



Port Angeles Regional Public Forum

(November 8, 2017)


Forks Regional Public Forum

(November 6, 2017)


Sekiu Regional Public Forum

(November 2, 2017)


Staff Presentation to the County Commissioners - ( Oct. 30, 2017) - Focus on Shoreline Jurisdiction & Environmental Designations



Presentation to Planning Commission

(June 7, 2017)






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