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Clallam County Board of County Commissioners will conduct a public hearing on November 29, 2016 at 10:30a.m. (or as soon as possible thereafter) in room 160 at the Clallam County Courthouse on the following draft amendments:

1. Ordinance amending Clallam County Code Chapter 33.20, Carlsborg Urban Growth Area, to modify zoning designations.

2. Ordinance amending Clallam County Code Chapter 31.03, Sequim-Dungeness Regional Plan, updating land use designation and policies for the Carlsborg Urban Growth Area.

3.Ordinance amending Clallam County Code Chapter 33.03, Definitions to include cemetery, commercial storage, financial institution, gas station, marijuana processor, marijuana producter, marijuana retail, mini-storage/self-storage, restaurant and veterinary clinic.

4. Ordinance amending Clallam County Code Chapter 33.05, Scope of Land Use Zones and Boundary Definitions, to incorporate new zoning in the Carlsborg Area.

5. Recommended Zoning Map


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Public Participation

The Clallam County Department of Community Development (DCD) will hold a community workshop on October 13, 2016, and the Clallam County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on October 19, 2016 on proposed amendments to the County's comprehensive land use plan and zoning for the 560-acre, Carlsborg Urban Growth Area (UGA) recommended by the Carlsborg Community Advisory Council (CCAC).

The proposed updates focus on goals, policies, development standards, and infrastructure planning for the Carlsborg Urban Growth Area that will include, but not limited to:

  • Change current Carlsborg Residential (CR) zoning that currently allows 2 dwelling units per acre with three proposed residential zones that would allow a density in the recommended CR-I from 4 to 6 dwelling units per acre; CR-II from 4 to 8 dwelling units per acre, and the CR-III from 4 to 10 dwelling units per acre. Please see the enclosed current zoning map and recommended zoning map.
  • Change Carlsborg Village Residential (CV) to Carlsborg Village Center (CN) on the west side of Carlsborg Road, north of Spath Road. This recommended change was that each zone was very similar in terms of uses allowed.
  • Establish a minimum residential density for new development and land divisions within the Urban Growth Area residential zones to a minimum 4 dwelling units per acre, to ensure future development is planned at urban densities.
  • Rezone approximately 12 acres on the south side of Highway 101 from Carlsborg Residential (CR) to Carlsborg Commercial (CC) between Parkwood Manufactured Home Community and Taylor-Cutoff road.
  • Remove building size requirements and reduce of setback requirements in the commercial and industrial zones.
  • Update of the Carlsborg Urban Growth Area policies.
  • Update Carlsborg Capital Facilities Plan, including updates to incorporate and reference the adopted 2014 Carlsborg Wastewater Plan.

One community workshop has been scheduled that will include an overview from Clallam Department of Community Development on the proposed amendment recommendations by the Carlsborg Community Advisory Council as it relates to zoning, comprehensive plan policies, and the zoning map. The workshop is intended to inform the residents of Carlsborg on the proposed changes and an opportunity to provide input on the proposed recommendations. The input that is gathered from the workshop will be presented to the Clallam County Planning Commission at their scheduled public hearing.



Carlsborg Community Workshop

Date Location Time Facility
October 13, 2016
Carlsborg 6:30 pm Greywolf Elementary School
171 Carlsborg Road, Carlsborg, WA

Clallam County Planning Commission Public Hearing

Date Location Time Facility
October 19, 2016
Port Angeles 6:30 pm Clallam County Courthouse
223 E. 4th Street, Port Angeles, WA

For more information on the proposed amendments to Carlsborg Urban Growth Area:
Visit the Carlsborg Urban Growth Amendments Web Page at:

How to Provide Comments:

  • Submit: Written comments at the Community Forum
  • Submit: Oral and/or written comments at a scheduled Planning Commission Public Hearing
  • By Email: Use our email form or use your own email program to
  • By mail: 

Clallam County Department of Community Development
Re: Carlsborg
223 East 4th Street, Suite 5
Port Angeles, WA 98362


If you have questions please contact:

Kevin LoPiccolo at 360-417-2322

Or visit the Department of Community Development at the Clallam County Courthouse (see address above)


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