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Dead Bird Reporting

I found a dead bird in Clallam County. Now what do I do?

If you find a dead bird consider these criteria before reporting:

  1. Is the bird a crow, raven, jay, eagle hawk, falcon or owl? These species are more susceptible to WNV and testing them is more likely to find WNV than testing other species.
  2. Has the bird been dead for less than 48 hours? If the carcass has an odor, is soft or mushy, has skin discoloration, feathers and skin easily rubs off, or has maggots present, it is too decomposed for testing.
  3. Birds hit by cars or attacked by other animals are not suitable for testing, though all reports will be tracked in a database.

Make a report on-line on the WA State Department of Fish and Wildlife's Report Observations of Dead Wildlife form.

If you have questions, call the Public Health Information Line at 360-417-2431.

Please do not bring dead birds to the Health Department. If the bird you find is not a good testing sample, you may dispose of it by placing it in a doubled plastic bag, using gloves or a shovel. Dead animals should not be picked up with your bare hands.

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