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Business Leadership Advisory Committee (BLAC)

The Business Leadership Advisory Committee is a Clallam County Health & Human Services - Developmental Disabilities Advisory Committee (DDAC) subcommittee and is a business to business network promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community and workforce.  BLAC offers employers:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Business exposure through a variety of local and social media
  • Improved customer base
  • Access to pertinent disability hiring information
  • Exposure to qualified job applicants
  • Opportunities to provide training and work experience for job seekers
  • Opportunities to provide community inclusion experience for people with disabilities
  • Opportunity to advise social service agencies how to better serve and interact with the business community

Current News:


Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the Clallam County Health & Human Services Developmental Disabilities Business Leadership Advisory Committee is to reach out to business leaders to assist us in developing strategies, supports, and marketing approaches that are more business friendly. We expect that some members of the committee will, as they learn more about supported employment, act as marketers and mentors to other businesses.

  • Increase the business community’s and the general public’s awareness of how individuals with developmental disabilities can function in the community and workplace.
  • Educate community businesses how to increase profits by hiring individuals with developmental disabilities through Federal tax credits and job carving. 
  • Increase employment for individuals with developmental disabilities; especially in sectors that have not employed individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Expand business leadership and participation in the employment development process of individuals with disabilities.
  • Build partnerships between business, community organizations, and schools interested in promoting the employment of students or new graduates with developmental disabilities.
  • Develop a network of business champions of supported employment, which fosters other businesses to hire, retain, and improve employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

For more information, contact us or call 360-417-2407.