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Homelessness Task Force

Homelessness Task Force (HTF)
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Bylaws of the Homelessness Task Force

Homelessness Task Force Role and Purpose
The Role and Purpose of the HTF is as stated by the Board of Clallam County Commissioners Resolution 85, 2005. This committee will follow Clallam County Policy and Procedure 952 – Boards and Committees except as amended by these bylaws.

The HTF does not have the authority outside of its jurisdiction to enforce policy or create rules.
The HTF provides an important link between the public and the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). Task Force members provide important information about community needs and opinions that can affect Clallam County policies and lead to improved services for county citizens dealing with issues of housing or homelessness.

Further Purpose & Responsibilities

Planning and Goal Setting:
Planning the expenditure of available funding based on goals set in recognition of the community needs.

Communication with the BOCC:
The HTF advises the BOCC on various issues of concern to people experiencing or at-risk of experiencing homelessness.

Oversight Role:
The HTF performs an Oversight Role regarding the work addressing homelessness issues in Clallam County. They also assist in providing oversight of the services and programming offered. HTF also provides an avenue for various community members to voice their concerns and suggestions for services to people experiencing or at-risk of experiencing homelessness. The HTF is also responsible for identifying long-term issues and recommending initiatives to respond to them.

Inform and Educate Community Members:
Members of the HTF assist Health and Human Services (HHS) staff in monitoring and evaluating the various programs that receive public funds to address homelessness issues in Clallam County.

In addition, members of the Behavioral Health Advisory Board will:
Promote diversity, civility and unity in discussions and decisions.
Take responsibility for educating themselves about the needs and preferences of people experiencing homelessness.
Listen to the community for information that may be of value to the work of the County and communicate that information to the HTF and/or HHS staff.