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Solid Waste Facilities and Recycling Options

Public Solid Waste Facilities in Clallam County



Materials Accepted

Regional Transfer Station
3501 W 18th, Port Angeles
(360) 417-4875

Mon – Sat
9 am – 5 pm

Garbage, metals, motor oil, antifreeze, tires, yard waste. Accepts solid waste (garbage, appliances, yard waste, etc.). Recycling collection station. Compost for sale.

Blue Mountain Transfer Station
1 mile up Blue Mtn Rd between PA and Sequim
(360) 417-4874

Tue, Thu, Sat

9 am – 5 pm

Garbage, recyclables, motor oil and antifreeze.

West Waste and Recycling
272 LaPush Road, Forks
(360) 374-5020

Thu, Fri, Sat
9 am – 5 pm

Garbage, limited metals and recyclables.

Moderate Risk Waste Facility

At the Regional Transfer Station
3501 W 18th, Port Angeles
(360) 417-4875

Wed and Sat
11 am – 4 p

Accepts household hazardous waste such as oil based paint, solvents, hobby chemicals, garden chemicals, and cleaning chemicals. Does not include business waste, latex paint, or explosives. Visit the FREE reuse area with items in good condition available for free.

City of Sequim
169 West Hemlock, Sequim
(360) 683-4908

Mon – Fri
7:30 – 3:30 pm

Motor oil and auto batteries


Glass Recycling Drop Boxes are available at:

Port Angeles Regional Transfer Station, Country Aire, Port Angeles Plaza East, Blue Mountain Transfer Station, City of Sequim Utility Yard, and Evergreen Collision in Sequim.

Recycling Tips

see our Recycling Brochure for updated graphics on what you can recycle


Effective Immediately: Due to market fluctuations that impact recycling processing, the following items will no longer be accepted in our recycling stream.

  • Any plastic item that isn't a bottle, jug or tub
  • Aseptic containers (such as milk cartons or shelf stable soy milk containers)
  • Shredded paper


Needles, sharps, ammunition and other dangerous materials turn up at sorting facilities every day. These are all safety hazards for employees and should never be put in recycling carts.


Food residue is a contaminant that ruins the recyclability of materials. If you can’t empty and rinse a container please don’t put it in your recycle cart or collection bin at the transfer stations.


Recycle Plastics by Shape

Numbers on the bottom don’t tell you if an item is recyclable. That’s why we ask you to look at the shape. The types of plastic we collect have the best chance of being recycled into new products.

Accepted Plastics:

  • Plastic transparent bottles
  • Plastic jars, tubs and buckets

Plastic Items NOT Accepted:

  • Lids. Throw lids in the garbage. Plastic lids and caps are too small to be sorted properly and don’t get recycled.
  • Clamshell containers.  These containers are common packaging for vegetables, fruits, and take-out packaging from restaurants.  These are currently not accepted for recycling.

Bags and Wrap

Grocery bags and plastic wrap get tangled in machinery at sorting facilities. Throw plastic wrap in the garbage. Reuse plastic bags or take back to participating grocery stores for recycling.


Styrofoam is not recyclable in Clallam County.  Please dispose of this as garbage. 

Single Use Items

Single use items, like plastic solo cups, paper cups, coffee pods, paper plates and napkins, are not accepted as recyclables.  Please dispose of these items as garbage.


Solid Waste - More Recycling and Disposal Options

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For additional information about recycling, call 1-800-RECYCLE or visit Ecology´s 1-800 RECYCLE website.

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