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Ecology´s Toxic Cleanup Program

Washington State Department of Ecology's Toxic Cleanup Program works to remedy accidental spills of dangerous materials and past business practices have contaminated land and water throughout the state. These situations range from cleaning up contamination from leaking underground storage tanks, to large, complex projects requiring engineered solutions. For a comprehensive list cleanup sites in Washington State, go to Ecology's site register.

In 2007, Department of Ecology identified seven main cleanup project areas in the Puget Sound Initiative.  The Port Angeles Harbor has been selected as one of the seven areas to focus cleanup resources.  In 2008, a harbor sediment investigation led to the establishment of two separate cleanup areas defined by separate sources of contamination.  These two cleanup areas are the Rayonier Mill Cleanup area and the Western Port Angeles Harbor Cleanup area. Each of these web pages* feature more detailed information on cleanup progress including photos, studies and expected cleanup timelines. 

*Please note Department of Ecology’s website is currently undergoing an update at this time and some links may be unavailable or broken until the website is fully updated.

Port Angeles Harbor

Other toxic cleanup sites in Clallam County can be found using Ecology's Cleanup Site Search.

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