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Methamphetamine Labs

Illegal methamphetamine labs use hazardous chemicals that can harm public health. Chemicals and residues can cause burns, respiratory and neurological damage, and death. More information about meth labs is available from the Washington State Department of Health.

When a methamphetamine lab is discovered in Clallam County, the Environmental Health Department works with local law enforcement, the Department of Health, and certified cleaning contractors during the cleanup process.

The Washington State Department of Health is the lead agency for drug lab cleanups. They have a Drug Lab Cleanup Program that provides training and policy development, and also keeps a list of contaminated properties. Their website contains information about the program, the cleanup process and certified contractors, and other educational materials.

Clallam County and the State Department of Health follow the following state regulations pertaining to drug labs:

  • RCW 64.44 Contaminated Properties
  • WAC 246-205 Decontamination of Illegal Drug Manufacturing or Storage Sites
  • CCHR 5 Contaminated Properties from Illegal Drug Manufacturing or Storage
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