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Proposed Amendments to:

Title 29 Subdivisions and Title 33 Zoning






1. Chapter 29.03 - Definitions

Amend definition to Boundary Line Adjustment



2. Chapter 29.43 - Boundary Line Adjustments and Lot Combination

Minor revisions and added criteria to this chapter. Under Section 29.43.200, Criteria for approval, an additional criterial has been added on what a boundary line adjustment does not constitute.



3. Chapter 29.45 - Alterations and Vacations

Alteration of a subdivision, binding site plan, mobile home park, RV park, short subdivision, or large lot subdivision.

  • Section 29.45.100 - Applicability - Amendment requesting that this section be revised to allow alterations to be reviewed administratively. Currently the Hearings Examiner reviews alterations.



4. Chapter 29.01- Purpose and Authority

Proposal to amend Section 29.01.500 Exemptions - types of divisions that are not subject to Title 29, and adding a new exemption for electric utility facilities.


5. Chapter 29.30 - Standards for Subdivisions, Short Subdivisions and Large Lot Divisions

Establishes the minimum standards and improvement requirements for all preliminary and final plat approvals. Proposal to amend the various sections:

  • Section 29.30.150 - Minimum improvement requirements within urban growth areas that lots less than one acre in size will be required to provide urban services, unless the city exempts the land division from the requirements.

  • Section 29.30.200 - Minimum access, street standards and improvement requirements outside urban growth areas that addresses private road and design standards/dimensions for land divisions.

  • Section 29.30.300 - Minimum water supply standards and improvement requirements outside urban growth areas to include a reference for the Instream Flow Area, and additional water supply requirements as per Chapter 173-518 WAC.

  • Section 29.30.500 - Irrigation, fire protection, drainage and utility standards and improvement requirements outside urban growth areas to include, if required irrigation improvements prior to final plat approval.




1. Chapter 33.03 - Definitions

Proposal changing the definition of Commercial Storage that will allow self-storage facilities



1. Chapter 33.30 - Variances

Proposal to amend Section 33.30.010(3) & Section 33.30.030: Required showing for a variance approval.